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Mail-me-art is a creative project based on sending art to people who ask for it, FOR FREE. Mail-me-art is also a network of creative artists and designers as well as an exposure tool.


Mail-me-art started in August of 2011 by Josh Carter as an exposure tool for his self. His idea was that if the economy was so bad and all he wanted to do was make art then why not just make art and give it away. Making it free for people to receive his art made it easier for more people to enjoy his art. Shouldn't being an artist just be about art anyway?

Artists make work, people order art on the site, and the art gets delivered to the address they submitted.


Mail-me-art has no money. All capital comes from Josh's pocket or other artists. Mail-me-art is in great need of donations.


If you are interested in being a Mail-me-art artist please visit this page for more info on how to be a Mail-me-art artist.

Here's a quick recap:


1. It is absolutely FREE to receive art in the mail.


2. You have the option to donate toward the shipping cost if you feel so inclined.


3. Mail-me-art would like to receive your portfolios for review if you'd like to have your art sent out all over the world.


4. Enjoy this free service we provide!




It's a great thing in the world!


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A Josh Carter Super Artist Project